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Online with Stéphanie

2 studying options:

- online synchronous classes

- books for complete self-learners

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About Us

Your French Native teacher

Born and raised in France, Stéphanie has been a teacher for 20 years.

From elementary schools to community colleges, she has helped a wide variety of students on their educational path.

Stéphanie also has had a career in the publishing world as she wrote newspaper articles for a few years for a French regional daily newspaper, as well as articles for a tourism book while living in France.

Since her move to the United-States, Stéphanie published four books for self-learners seeking to learn the French language.

Stephanie Berton - French teacher author

Upcoming Classes

  • Private French classes - children & adults
    Private French classes - children & adults
    Time is TBD
    Zoom class - Contact us to register
    Time is TBD
    Zoom class - Contact us to register
    For children and adults on Zoom. Fee: 60€ per hour Monthly package: 8h/month 456€ (57€ per hour) 12h/month 660€ (55€ per hour) If all the hours not done during the calendar month, classes that were done will be charged at full rate.
  • French Initiation class - kids groups
    French Initiation class - kids groups
    Saturdays 8am-9am (Pacific time)
    Saturdays 8am-9am (Pacific time)
    This class is an initiation to French with 1h a week, on Zoom live together (synchronous class). Every month, we study a vocabulary theme and the related basic sentence structures/conjugation. Oral comprehension and speaking are emphasized. Activities are fun and engaging.

More interested in being a complete self-learner, and need books to study on your own?

  Stéphanie's books  

My Private French Class - Grammar & Conjugation, Level 1

A book like no other. A compilation of the contents of 12 private classes with lessons and exercises progressing in difficulties.

Answers included.

Book to learn French, My Private French

My French Passport, Reading & Comprehension, Level 2

Level 2

A book like no other. A compilation of the contents of 12 private classes with lessons and exercices progressing in difficulties.

Answers included.

Book to learn French, My French Passport

My French Passport, Reading & Comprehension, Level 1

12 sections in French along with French culture, followed by comprehension questions and answers.

To facilitate the reading experience, find only grammar and conjugation you studied in its sister series - My Private French Class. 

Book to learn French, My French Passport

My French Word Search Puzzles - 

Les Vacances

Word Search puzzles in French around the vacation theme.

Book Learn French vocabulary My French W


Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

My Private French class is located in France.

Text message me at (951) 595-7731

Thanks for submitting!


With this instructor, you’re not just learning the formal and informal French language, you’re also learning about French food, culture and traditions. For any student, she makes the challenges of learning and speaking the French language fun and insightful. As well, she does a wonderful job of always being available to promptly respond to questions/concerns of her students.

— B.T., review from Google 

Chocolate Eclairs

I like that the instructor is flexible and works with your work/home schedule. The instructor teaches formal French and the street level form. She also mixes in idioms and interesting facts of French culture.

— A A, review from Google 

Macaroon on a Plate

I highly recommend M'aidez Tutoring! My 8yo started speaking French in preschool while living in Europe for 5 years. She has been with M'aidez Tutoring for over a year now and has continued to develop her knowledge of French. She enjoys the class very much, conversing with other students, and playing games, all while learning French. Miss Stephanie is a wonderful teacher!

— Sylvia, review from Google 

Pastry Cake

Wonderful kids class! Stéphanie uses lots of different activities to make learning engaging and effective for the kids. They have a great time. Bravo et merci :)

— Adam, review from Google

Raspberry Macaroons

Bonjour!  I have been a student of Stephanie's for a little over 6 months now, and I am so surprised over how much I have learned already.  I see Stephanie once a week for private, one-on-one lessons, and I really enjoy how she doesn't intimidate or pressure me, but still challenges me.  My goal for years has been to take my nursing skills internationally, and work with Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) which mostly serves countries where the first language is French.  I can't say enough how happy I am that I found Stephanie.  Learning a new language, especially as an adult, is difficult and I was afraid I wouldn't follow through and just give up.  Which is what I did after buying Rosetta Stone.  But being taught by Stephanie has been such a pleasant and rewarding experience, that I couldn't imagine stopping and know I will be her student until I can communicate in French with ease.  

What makes Stephanie's teaching style so unique and successful, is that she does not just teach out of a text book.  She prepares well-planned lessons with written and spoken exercises, and does this in a way that stimulates your ability to recall what you have learned, so it becomes memorized.  Stephanie will even individualize my lessons for my personal goal.  She focuses on medical terms, and since I am going to Tahiti in May, she has focused on what I will need to know for my trip, such a asking important statements, like, "Je suis perdu" (I am lost) and "Ou est mon vin?" (Where is my wine? :-)   I also value that Stephanie is a native of France, and teaches me all of the important cultural aspects of the French life.  I can tell this isn't just a job for Stephanie, it truly is a passion, and I am benefiting so much from that.  If you are seriously looking for the best teacher to help you learn French, at any level, or if you have always liked the idea of learning another language, go French, and go Stephanie.

— Melissa, review from Yelp

Cheese Selection

I have taken French language lessons from M'aidez for slightly over one year, and it has proven to be not only very effective, but also manages to involve everyone in the class.

Prior to this I have taken Spanish, German, Russian, Mandarin and Polish language classes (yes, I'm addicted).  M'aidez (Stephanie) has provided professional tutoring along with the strong basics of grammar and pronunciation.

Based on the happy giggles and fluent French phrases coming from the immediately previous children's class, I'd say Stephanie has a real bond with young students.

— Gail, review from Yelp

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