Those who know nothing of foreign languages, know nothing of their own.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 




My Private French Class is a small educational company created by a French teacher. 

We provide tutoring and teaching services for a wide range of students: self-learners, homeschoolers, travelers, children and adults.

We offer a variety of study options in all levels, from beginner to advanced.

M'aidez Publishing also publishes French books for self-learners and college students. Whether you need to improve your reading and comprehension skills, or to learn the French grammar and conjugation, we have a book for you.

French teacher Temecula, Murrieta, Menif
Book to learn French grammar conjugation
Learn French Vocabulary My_French_Word_S
Book to learn French language book - Eas

3 series for a complete learning experience

Learn French grammar and conjugation

My Private French Class

Reinvest your grammar and conjugation knowledge into context to facilitate the reading experience.

My French Passport

Reading & Comprehension

Learn French California, New York, Washington, United Kingdom . French books

French culture & idiomatic expressions

My French Word Search Puzzles

Enlarge your vocabulary
and range of expressions 

My Private French Class


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