How to type French accents?

One struggle students have while learning French is to type accents.

For those of you who have an Apple device, well the process is pretty easy: press down on the letter and wait to see the different accent options.

For students using Windows, you may either use the internation keyboard, or will have to memorize specific codes to type. Let's go over the list.

Note that capital letters will have different codes.

Make sure to use the keypad to type the digits while holding down on ALT.

â ALT131 Â ALT0194

ä ALT132 Ä ALT142

à ALT133 À ALT0192

é ALT130 É ALT144

ê ALT136 Ê ALT0202

ë ALT137 Ë ALT0203

è ALT138 È ALT0200

î ALT140 Î ALT0206

ï ALT139 Ï ALT0207

ô ALT147 Ô ALT0212

œ ALT0156 Œ ALT0140

û ALT150 Û ALT0219

ù ALT151 Ù ALT0217

ü ALT129 Ū ALT154

ç ALT135 Ç ALT128

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