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Learn French! Le verbe irrégulier "servir" au présent.

Servir means to serve so if you are going to France, chances are that you will hear it at the café or the restaurant when the server will ask you what you would like to order.

Therefore, learning how to conjugate it in the present tense of the indicatif will help you communicate and improve your oral comprehension.

Unfortunately, it is an irregular verb, which means there is no regular pattern when you conjugate it.

Good news! You just need visual memory.

Let's start and conjugate!

JE SERS (I serve, I am serving)

TU SERS (you serve, you are serving)

IL SERT (he serves, he is serving)

ELLE SERT (she serves, she is serving)

ON SERT (one serves, one is serving, we serve, we are serving)

NOUS SERVONS (we serve, we are serving

VOUS SERVEZ (you serve, you are serving)

ILS SERVENT (they serve, they are serving)

ELLES SERVENT (they (feminine) serve, they are serving)

Develop your ability to understand and speak French!

Now that you know the conjugation, how do you use it in context and sentences ?

The server will ask you a very standard question: "Qu'est-ce que je vous sers ?" (what can I bring for you?").

You could answer "Servez-moi un café s'il vous plaît." (Bring me a coffee please).

You could also say what you would like: "Je voudrais un café s'il vous plaît." (I would like a coffee please)

Another option is to express your needs "J'ai besoin d'un café". (I need a coffee).

Someone may tell you "Servez-vous !" or "Sers-toi !" meaning "help yourself. Take what you want." At a buffet for instance.

While traveling to France, you may hear "Madame est servie" which means "Madam, your meal is ready". Voilà, c'est prêt. No worries, men can also hear "Monsieur est servi" On a cultural note, did you know that this is the French name for the American 80's T.V. show "Who's the boss?"? American culture is very present in the French way of living. Sometimes, the title of films or T.V. shows and sitcoms are kept the same, but not the one in which Tony Danza stars with Alyssa Milano. Foreign movies and sitcoms are dubbed in French, and watching them can be a great way to improve your French.

If you are interested and use a VPN, the episodes are on the REPLAY of TF1 (channel 1 on French TV). Just click here.

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